NYC Motor Vehicle Collisions In 2017

Data: NYC Open Data
Mapping/Code: Mengzhen Xiao

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This is a breakdown of every collision in NYC in 2017 by location and injury. Each record represents a collision.

In 2017, there were 30,023 collisions in NYC. The most serious collision happened on May 18th, at the crossroad of 7 Avenue and West 42 Street, which caused 1 person killed and 27 people injured. (Click each circle to see Google Street View.)

To avoid future collisions, I highlight the locations where had more than 20 collisions in 2017. The crossroad of 11 Avenue and West 40 Street had the most collisions, which was 86 collisions. (The biggest circle on the map.) As can be seen from the map, the accident-prone streets are mainly concentrated in 4 areas. (Click each circle to see Google Street View.)

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